Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blessings Through Raindrops

If I am being honest, today I would like to just sit in the floor and pitch a "big girl" fit. I have been on the verge of tears for two days, so maybe I should just do it. I still feel terrible. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and discovered, after three weeks of feeling awful, that I have strep throat with the possibility of mono. Just great. Also, today is the day we give Lucy back. I am fully aware that in the grand scheme of things, there are worse things in life....I have experienced some of those things.....but today, this is our world. We are already grieving and she is not yet gone. It was a cold day when we got her, and it is a cold day today when we have to give her back. I know sunnier days will come and this will all seem a little better, but today....well, you know. The most frustrating part of it all is that I feel so out of control of everything, yet physically, I can do nothing about it. I am ready to get my house back together...I was so close before I got sick. I am ready to get our home school day organized and structured again, I have a pile of gifts I need to make, and today is payday....I need to do some shopping. Mother Hubbard's cupboards are nearly bare! Yet, it seems that for every hour of energy I exert, it takes  eight hours of rest to regain that energy.

In the midst of it all, there is much to be thankful for. Clara is feeling pretty good right now. Emilie's emotions seem to be getting under control, and despite their mother being totally out of commission, the girls managed to have some Fall fun. I thought I would share.

Two weekends ago, some precious friends of ours here in Michigan invited us to go to a corn maze. I was feeling too terrible, so they took our four girls. Their daughter, Joanna, took some really great pictures of the fun they had! Thanks, Joanna! Because of these pictures, I feel like I didn't have to totally miss the fun. :-)

 This is a picture of our girls with one of their favorite babysitters, Ms. Susanna.

Genetically, it is impossible for them to not stick their tongue out when they are concentrating. :-)

I think a fun time was had by all!

Last Friday night, we took the girls to a Harvest Festival near our house. They got to dress up, did a Trunk-of-Treats, hayride, ate hot dogs, popcorn, and drank hot chocolate. They also had "jumpy things", but we weren't able to get to it all. Clara was hurting pretty bad this day, so she stayed in her stroller most of the time. She was still as cute as pie. :-)

Our little Georgia Dawgs with a dog (of a different sort....it's the best we can do here.) :-)

Our girls. Love them. So glad to have them.

"Go Dawgs!"

Have you ever seen a Pajama Girl with a sparkly handbag? She definitely had the warmest costume. :-)

Alyssa got her "Dawgs" on, too...mostly for the candy.

This is our friend, Ms. Jen, putting a glow stick on Megan. She cuts our hair when we are in Michigan. Isn't she adorable?

Mrs. Carla serves at Life Action in Revive Our Hearts, but she is also one of our girls' teachers at church. Love her!

Emilie went to another Fall Festival with a friend, but I have no pictures of that. So in the midst of all of my not feeling good, the girls have been well cared for. That is a blessing. I am more thankful than ever for a sweet husband who has bent over backwards to take care of me and our house. He has to be exhausted. I am ready to feel better so I can take care of him for a change. I am thankful for a dear family here that brought us a meal that fed us for three days. Blessings.

There is a song I posted months ago that really encourages me through times like this called Blessings, by Laura Story. If you need encouragement, go to that link and listen. It will bless you. Promise.

Have a marvelous day!

Much Love,

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