Monday, September 28, 2009

Updates and Blessings!

Hi Everyone!

It has been a while since I posted an update here and so many of you have asked "How are things going with....?" Truly, there are so many ways to fill in those blanks right now it almost makes me dizzy! I thought this would be the easiest way to update everyone on everything. :-)

Clara-We still have no word yet on the results of her biopsy. This Wednesday will be 7 weeks since she had it, and they said it would be 6-8 weeks, so we are hoping for word any day. Thank you for all of your prayers up to this point! Please continue to pray for speedy results and for healing of our sweet girl.

She is doing very well right now! She has had less pain than ever in the last month or so, and we think this is a good sign! She started with a new physical therapist (Ms. Susan got married and moved away) and she is wonderful. Her name is Ms. Lee and Clara already calls her "Lee-Lee", which I think is hysterical. :-) We are meeting with another physical therapist on Thursday to see if we can get her qualified for HIPPO therapy, which uses horses as a tool instead of balls, etc. We have been trying to get her going on this for about a year now, so please pray all goes well and that God would provide the funds needed. Insurance covers all of the therapy fee, but we have to pay $25 a session to "feed the horses" if she is accepted into the program. Right now, that might as well be $1000, but we know God will provide if that is His will for her life.

Life Action- We are still as excited as ever about our ministry! As frustrated as we get that we are not in Michigan, we also know that God's timing is perfect and that He has us here for a reason. Right now, we are thankful to be near Clara's doctors and depending on what treatment is prescribed for her upon learning the results of the biopsy, we may need to raise more support before we go. For that reason, I am thankful we are still here. It would be VERY hard on our budget to try to pay for expensive treatment on what we have already raised to live on-a very modest yearly salary. We have not had many people look at our house recently, so we continue to pray that God's will would be done and that our house would sell in HIS time. :-) We did show the house last Sunday for the first time since July. The market is still slow, but God is most definitely still God!

Some months ago, we talked with some of our friends about the remote possibility that we could move to MI without selling our house first. Since many of you have asked about that, I thought I would go ahead and address that, as well. There are some families already in Michigan, waiting for their homes to sell. There is very limited space at the camp for these families. If God led us in that direction, we would surely obey, but for now, that does not appear to be His plan. Additionally, the salary we have raised for ministry is less than what we currently live on. There would be no way we could maintain our current house payment, living expenses, and Clara's medical bills on that income. We are anxious to get there, but would never want to go ahead outside of God's timing.


We have a new nephew!! Diana had her baby on Friday night. She gave birth to a GORGEOUS 9 lb. 3 oz. baby boy named Noah. He is absolutely perfect and such a gift! THANK YOU LORD!!

About 37 minutes old

All cleaned up....what an angel!

A very excited Aunt Jeannie!

I guess that is all, for now. Until next time.....


Monday, September 14, 2009

Real Little Ladies

The last few weeks at the Bryant house have been busy ones! We are now in our fourth week of school, and for the last two weeks, the babies have been potty training. I must admit, this has never been my favorite parenting task, but nonetheless, it must be done! We waited a little longer to start with Clara. She didn't start walking until right before her second birthday, and I didn't see much point in trying to train her when she had trouble getting to the potty. Now that she is three and Megan is two, I decided to train them both together. It has been an adventure, to be sure. Clara is officially potty trained and Megan, well, she is going to take a little more time. She will go if I remind her, but she does not tell me she has to go. She gives many signs, and if I catch on to them we can usually make it in time. But we will not be going in public in panties with her anytime soon. :-) The funniest part of the whole experience has been observing what little ladies they are, even at this young age. They NEVER go alone! If one goes, the other one ALWAYS has to go, even if just to read a book on the potty, cheer the other on, or helpfully hand the other one toilet paper. :-) When we first started, we had a little potty throne that plays music when you "go" and a then we put a little seat on the big potty. As it turns out, they both fought over the big potty with the little "Elmo seat" on it. Last week, we bit the bullet and bought another "Elmo seat" to go on the toilet in our room. So now, there is no more fighting over the big potty, but now they are always disappointed that they can't go in the same room together. Hmmmm...they just can't be pleased. Like I said.....real little ladies!

Have a wonderful day!!

Many Blessings!