Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A New Leaf

It occurred to me after reading my last few posts that I was a bit...um....on the negative side. Oh, okay....I was flat out negative. I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart....truly. I want to always be honest, but I also want you to be encouraged by reading this blog....not depressed. As a matter of fact, there may be no one left to read it now! If you are reading, thank you. Please forgive my negativity. I guess the mono, strep, and the rest of life finally got to me.

However, I am feeling more like myself now!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I wanted to take a few minutes to share our Thanksgiving weekend and a few other cute pictures with you. We had a great time on Thanksgiving Day with some friends who are in the ministry with us. It was a fun and relaxing day! I can honestly say that I am feeling so very thankful and blessed right now. I am so glad we have a day set aside to get some things in perspective.

 The fabulous Ms. Jessie painted the girls' nails.

 Jeff, Clara, and Emilie....do you see a pink theme going on here?


 Our traditional Pilgrim hats. After all, Jeff and the girls really are Pilgrims....or at least descendants of Pilgrims. True story....they have a certificate to prove it!

The next day, we went with our good friend, Angela, to get a Christmas tree. In true Bryant fashion, it was, of course, not a smooth trip. Before we even got out of the driveway, the battery was dead. This is Jeff, Angela, and Alyssa waiting very patiently-ish.

Our little family. :-)

We took a horse and carriage ride to the field where the trees were. Very cool. Here are the girls on the carriage.

I just thought this was funny...a whole rack of saws hanging on the wagon for when you got to your field with the type of tree you wanted to cut.

The girls enjoyed helping Ms. Angela carry her tree! They were also motivated by the free hot cocoa at the end of that journey. :-)

These are the horses that pulled our wagon. Just beautiful.

Our family and Ms. Angela, our adopted family. :-)

Time to decorate!

Saturday night, we went to downtown Niles for the annual lighting of the tree. Just like last year, there were free horse and carriage rides. While riding, we sang Christmas carols at the top of our lungs. The driver hugged me when we were finished and thanked us for singing. She said she has a hard time getting people to sing. Very sad.

Our traditional (for two years, anyway) trip to Veni's to get a handmade candy cane.

Even though we don't make a big deal of Santa, it was still fun to see him come in with Mrs. Claus on the horse and carriage and get a picture made with him. He is a great looking Santa...don't you think?

Mrs. Claus.

These next ones are just for fun:

Clara McPhee

The next day (today), she had something to add to her Christmas list: Her two front teeth!

This is just funny, and very typical!
 Much Love!!

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