Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Family Camp

I don't know how or why, but God, in His infinite wisdom and provision, provided an opportunity for our family to attend Fall Family Camp last week at the Life Action Retreat and Conference Center. We got the call on Saturday night and were to report on Monday, so it made for some crazy packing and rescheduling of appointments and commitments, but we made it! And we are so glad we did!

The camp is right up there with Silver beach on my list of favorite places.

There is no place quite like it.

To relax...



and to meet with God.

I met with God in a very special way. I have been a little frustrated and a little dry, but as always, He was right there waiting for me. Early one morning, around 6:00, He and I met on a porch swing by the lake, under a full moon and in the dark. He knew I needed it dark or I would have been trying to read or study or would have been distracted by something else. But in the dark, it was just me and Him. He had things He wanted to say to me....many things I needed to hear. I wanted to take a picture, but without a tripod, there was no way to capture the moment and do it justice. One less distraction, I guess. I walked away from that place that morning with the sun coming up, and with a new perspective on life, myself, and the great God we serve. He is so good.

Besides experiencing times of worship, we also had LOTS OF FUN!!

Target practice with paint balls...

Trap shooting with shot guns....

(Okay...I shot the shotgun. Mr. A.J. was sweet enough to teach the little ones about what a shotgun cartridge is, how it's made, and the damage it can do.)


 Alyssa won this one!

A little sip before bedtime.


She ought to go right to sleep. :-)

Paintball wars (Holy paintball wars, of course)..... I couldn't get great shots of this. They were deep in the woods, I had the little ones, and Megan kept having to go potty. However, take a look at my crew and then the other people. See any difference? There were about 30 people total who played, and there was only one in a yellow jacket. :-)

The only reason Jeff and Emilie have appropriate colors on is because they borrowed them. Thankfully it is Fall, so Alyssa wasn't quite as exposed as I was afraid she would be.



Lumberjack and Jill Party... (Someof these were taken during the party at camp, and some were during the Lumberjack and Jill party that was held for staff families last night.)

I have pictures with three of my four girls. For some reason, Alyssa was embarrassed to be seen with me. :-)

Clara and Megan rode in style...and Jeff got a killer workout!

Can you see their little hands sticking up? So cute!

"Alyssa, can I please take your picture?"

"Alyssa, LOOK at your mother...."

"Smile so I can take your picture!"


"Pretty please?"...

"Thank you. Now, was THAT so hard?"

There was plenty of other fun to be had and friends to be made!


Now the week is over, the preaching is finished (they brought in a fabulous preacher, Steve Hammack.), the worship music is done, and the tons of food have been eaten, my one prayer is that we, as a family, will take it all to heart and, above all, be authentic in our walk with Christ.


Many Blessings!

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