Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eleventh Verse, Same As the First...

Life has been a whirlwind lately.

The first week of October, my parents came to visit...FABULOUS!

Two days after they left, we went to Fall Family Camp for a week...SUPER-FUN!

The Saturday we returned from Family Camp, I went to bed sick. Not so fun.

However, for the first time in well over a week, I felt human again today. Honestly, I may have felt better sooner than I did, except that I don't "do sick" very well AT ALL. I am sure my body wonders why I can't just take a hint and rest. It is a rare occasion that I even get sick, but this time was a doozie.

Before I was feeling at my worst, I arranged to go to the gym with a friend to take an early-morning aerobics class. I thought that by the time Friday rolled around, I would feel much better. Well...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I felt TERRIBLE and pretty much slept most of the time. So what did I do on Friday? I got up and went to the gym. My friend was counting on me! (Actually, if I am being honest, my friend is in really good shape and is more than capable of doing it on her own, but making myself think that she needs me might actually get me into the gym, so I will live with that illusion.)

So guess what? Once again, I embarrassed myself at the gym. I know you find that really hard to believe after all of my past adventures, but yes....I remain humble. First of all, I was SICK; secondly, that room was really hot; and thirdly, I am pretty sure that woman....the instructor...was trying to kill me. At one point during the class (9 agonizing minutes into it), we were doing hamstring curls. Those muscles didn't appreciate being awakened from their ten-year slumber in the first place, and just about the time I thought my hamstrings would go on strike, the instructor said, "I forgot what's next."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Couldn't we have been stuck on a step touch, or a grapevine, or even a march when she forgot what was next?

Well, I made it through that grueling thirty-minute class, and was planning to stay through the following thirty-minute class, which was a "core class". However, it was not to be. I will spare you all the details, but let's just say that an elevated heart rate + congestion + a hot room + excess weight + being out of shape = running to the bathroom to throw up after a few minutes of working my "core".

Yep. And my sweet friend ran all the way with me with her hands held out in case I needed to throw up in them.

That, my friends, is a true friend!

So, the gym wins again. I went home after my, um....episode...and laid down on the couch. I was on the couch or in the bed, pretty much non-stop, until today. I have to wonder if I would have gotten better a little faster had I rested that Friday morning?

We'll never know. Today has been a much better day. I was able to get up, shower, take the girls to two different appointments, go to my own appointment, and come home and crash on the couch. Aside from still getting run down, the only symptom that is left the 80 year-old smoker's cough. I believe I'm gonna live!

But enough of my sickness and humiliating run-ins with the gym! I wanted to share some pictures from my parents' visit!

The first day they were here, we went to the Apple Festival.

Face painting...

A car show...

Of course we had to take them to the South Bend Chocolate Factory that week! (I think we ate enough chocolate to kill a goat...but I can think of worse ways to die.) :-)

Silver little heaven on earth.

And time with Speckles, my baby sister. Actually, not so much a baby anymore. She will be 16 years-old this November!

The two canines in my life were definitely the odd couple. Lucy wanted Speckles to PLAY! Speckles wanted Lucy to LEAVE HER ALONE! (She's a little grumpy in her old age.) Lucy took over Speckles' bed, and Speckles just let her. "Whatever, kid."

It was very hard to say, "good-bye".  The smiles in this pictures didn't last long. About 15 minutes after it was taken, they left, and there were lots of tears flowing.

Thankfully, we have lots of great memories from their visit, and  Christmas is coming.... (which means we will get to see everyone!)

Hopefully, now that I am feeling a little better, I will be able to get my life back together. Megan got a touch of what I had, and Alyssa went to bed feeling lousy tonight, but please pray that it is short-lived and that no one else gets it.....especially Clara. Not because I love her more, but because a 'simple' illness is so much harder on her than it is the rest of us.

Have a Blessed Day!


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  1. Oh you sweetheart!!! I am so sorry you got sick but even sorrier you haven't one one of those fights with the gym. Funny you posted about the gym because just today while i was cleaning the barnyard(shoveling poop from horses and cows!!), I statred thinking about your gym episodes and how I wish we lived nearby and could go together and laugh together. I would actually encourage US to go walk my 3 mile block together.....less corporate, less germs and time to chat!!!So glad you got time with your parents. I LOVE that pic of your family together!! I miss you tons and hope to chat soon!! Hope Clara stays well!! Love you!!!