Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Family Camp Pt. 2....a quick one. :-)

While at Family Camp last week, I made some very sweet friends. Most of them live hours away, but one of them lives in Mishawaka, IN, just a few minutes away from my house! I didn't get to meet her until the middle of the week, but I so enjoyed the time I did get to spend with her! She has two boys, whom I didn't get to know as well as I would have liked because, like my girls, they had friends to run around and play with, but we did get to know her little girl, Jeuel, very well. She is ten months-old, and despite battling a bladder infection all week and having a traumatic trip to the ER, was just the cutest and sweetest little thing. Clara, in particular, hit it off with her and was able to make her smile and giggle. So cute!

As it turns out, my friend, Christi, is a phenomenal photographer and very well-known in this area. I didn't know that until I got home and looked at her Facebook page! Wow! I knew she had a really nice camera that she wore around her neck, and in asking her questions while getting to know her, she told me she shot a lot of weddings, but what she actually does is art at its finest. As it turns out, she shot a few pictures of some of my girls just doing their "thing", running around and playing, and sweetly shared them with me. In turn, she said I could share them with you! It is absolutely amazing to me that casual shots can turn out this beautiful:

Clara is riding on the back of another one of our new friends from camp.

Here I am doing my worst Sarah Palin imitation. I think I need longer arms. :-)

Thanks, Christi, for the beautiful pictures!!

Have a Blessed Day!

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