Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Much Anticipated Day

Every member of our family counted down the days until today for one reason or another.

Jeff is at a Men's Retreat at the camp. Need I say more?

This morning was the Harvest Exchange. This is the second time The Harvest Church in Granger has had an exchange where people donate whatever they would have sent somewhere else, and they invite everybody and their brother to go"shop"....but it's ALL FREE!! Alyssa went with me last time (before December), and has literally counted down the days until this one. We all found some great stuff! Plus, I got to see a lot of people I have come to like a whole that was fun!

So what, do you ask, was the find of the day? This hula skirt, found by Clara.

She wore it all day...even under the dress she wore to the next function we attended, and Kohl's after that. I just thought of it as a pink crinoline. :-)

The next part of our day we ALL looked forward to (except Jeff because he was at the previously mentioned Men's Conference and probably didn't even know what time it was all day.) The church we have been attending held a "Mommy, My Doll, and Me" tea party where all the little girls, their mothers, and their favorite dolls were supposed to dress in all their finery and eat petit fours and drink mint juleps. mint juleps, but we did have petit fours and lots of other good stuff.

Alyssa got to stay home, which is why she looked forward to it...PEACE for two hours (peace and quiet is a precious commodity these days.)

I looked forward to making the little ones a dress and going somewhere special with three of my girls. I will say, however, that when I thought of making the girls a dress for a tea party, I pictured sunshine, linen, brightness, and WARMTH. Therefore, I made the little ones some very cute Fancy Nancy sundresses. Yes...sundresses.... because God shows favor on Georgia at this time of the year, and I am used to sunshine, warmth and brightness. (They don't call it 'God's Country' for nothing.)

So anyway, I digress....

The other three girls were very excited for obvious reasons...boas, tiaras, lip gloss, and dressed up baby dolls (and high hopes for sugary treats of some sort.) Not to mention, brand new Fancy Nancy dresses! (I wish you could hear Megan say that.)

So, when left the house this afternoon, it was 42 degrees...yes, 42 degrees and RAINING! We didn't care. We wore our hats and sundresses anyway...with t-shirts underneath and sweaters on top. Still...very fancy.

 Emilie and her new friend. She's a very sweet girl and I am so glad they have hit it off!!

 The very elegant cupcake display.

 Cupcake wrappers turned American Girl tiaras.

 Princess Leia? 
(...and look at Clara's face. hee hee...I wonder what she is thinking?)

 A rare shot with me in it.

Tonight, it snowed. Not much, but WAY TOO MUCH for the end of April. I can honestly say that I have not felt very homesick the last few days...I am making progress....however, I could use a little help here! More snow is forecasted for Monday, so we shall see. I guess I better keep those cardigans out, because it looks like we might need them for Easter.

And somebody needs to fire that groundhog.

Many Blessings!

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  1. How perfectly sweet and sweetly perfect!!! What a FUN TIME!!!
    Hey Jeannie, we gots to get together on this Chicago trip, girlfriend!!!!!! I have my standby flight plans to be at Chicago's Miday airport on a Southwest Airlines flight arriving on Thursday, June 16 at 1:05 in the afternoon. I am making room reservations for the 16th and 17th nights and then plan to stay with some friends south of Chicago for two more nights....but if you need to stay three nights instead of two, I will stay with ya another night.....all this is only if you are still planning to go!!! Haven't chatted about it in a while. Can you give me a call soon? I will call you right back as we have free long distance so it won't cost you anything. 225-253-8813. I am planning to rent a car for ease of getting to and from my flights and I will very gladly pick you up, drop you off and fun!!! So call me and we will conspire (insert evil laugh here!!)!!! Hugs and thank you so much for being such a sweet friend. Looking forward to hugging your sweet, Southern neck....and might even shed a few tears!!!!
    Much love,