Friday, May 6, 2011

Answered Prayer and Mixed Emotions

We had a big answer to prayer two days ago! It has been getting increasingly harder to go places with Clara. Not because of behavior, or anything like that, but because of her stamina. Her little legs get so tired and start hurting and she is getting heavier and heavier and harder to carry. We have an umbrella stroller from when she was little, but as you can imagine, she has outgrown that. She is almost five years-old, after all! I would put her in it but I would have to fight to keep her in it.

When we were in Georgia, we started the process of getting an adaptive stroller for her. An adaptive stroller is somewhere between a  regular stroller and a wheel chair. They are heavy duty and they are designed for older children. There are a number of different kinds, but after looking at the strollers of other people we have met, we had an idea of which one we needed. So before we moved, we started the process of getting Clara  a stroller. Her geneticist wrote the prescription for everything she needed and her physical therapist put us in contact with a representative. However, we did not have enough time to finish the process before we moved.

Once we moved to Michigan, we got another prescription from her geneticist, and once we found a doctor (which as you may remember, that took us a while) and got her started with PT here, we got in contact with another representative through her current physical therapist. After months of waiting on insurance approval and paperwork from all of her doctors, we FINALLY got Clara's stroller two days ago!

 Clara in her new, purple Convaid adaptive stroller. She got to choose her own color.
Also, notice the dandelion necklace? Grandma Jackie had just taught the girls how to make those before we met with Mr. Ken. This place has the biggest dandelions I have EVER seen!

 Clara and Mr. Ken, the representative who fit her for her stroller. 
He gives her good stickers, too! :-)

As happy as we were to finally have it and as thankful as we were for the way God provided for it (they are NOT cheap), watching my baby girl sit in it gave me a lump in my throat. That is just not the kind of thing you ever want your child to need, and it was just a very present reminder that our sweet girl has medical issues. However, I swallowed my tears.....yes, for once I did NOT cry....and just tried to focus on the answered prayer and the gratitude in my heart. Not to mention, Clara was so excited! We went to the South Bend Chocolate factory right after Mr. Ken left here (Grandma Jackie and Mr. Jim were visiting and we HAD to take them to one of our favorite places!), and that sweet girl stayed in that stroller the entire time....a feat we were unable to accomplish in the umbrella stroller because she was so uncomfortable. With summer coming, I think the timing is perfect! We are going to be able to go and do so much more than we could before and Clara will be able to use her energy for the fun things a little girl should be able to use her energy on instead of using it all up just trying to get to where she wants to go! So as sad as it makes me that she needs it, if she needs it, I am glad she has it. Make sense?

Thank You, God!!

Have a blessed day!!


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  1. Addie and Garrett each have a Convaid Scout stroller, and I do not know how we would do most of our outdoor activities in the summer without them!!!! LOVE here purple!!!!! She looks so very proud!!
    I also am aware of those feelings.....the excitement that quality of life is improved and prayers are answered, but the realization that your child NEEDS extraordinary things to improve their quality of life...whew, heavy.
    Huge hug and a big smile for that big girl in her purple chariot!!! We actually named ours "Scout" due to the label on the backrest, so the kiddos don't have to hear "stroller." People hear us talking about Scout and must think it is going to be a pet of some sort...ha!!!!
    Let's get together soon on the Chicago trip if you can still make it!!!!
    In Christ,