Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshot 2/27/11

I have always wanted to do a Sunday Snapshot, but I have never really had my act together enough to do it. I still can't really say I have my act together, but I have a series of pictures, two of which were on yesterday's post, of Clara when I was trying to get her stop being so GRUMPY and let me take some pictures. :-) Not a beautiful location...we were in a hospital cafeteria waiting to see a specialist...but in my humble opinion, I think the subject is quite beautiful, inside and out. :-)

"Come on, Clara, let Mommy take a picture...pleeeeez."

"Here you go, Mother. I will give you my best, forced smile."

"Oh, you want a real smile?"

"Look, I can do this with my hands."

"How's this look? Can that count as a smile?"

"Oooh...I can sleep like Daddy and Alyssa!"

"There. Now those people will never believe I was so grumpy."

Little Rascal. :-)

Ni Hao Yall

***On another quick note, sweet little Maggie slipped from her mother's arms into the arms of Jesus at around 8:40 last night. She is no longer in pain, but I am sure her family is hurting beyond belief. Please pray for this precious family. Mitochondrial Disease has claimed another precious life...please pray for a cure!

Much Love,


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  1. What a sweetie!!
    Glad you were able to join Sunday Snapshot, I've recently started too.