Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big, Scary "Blizzard"

I usually do not let myself get sucked into weatherman 'hype", but I must admit, the way the weather for last night and today was forecasted....they got me! I waved my southern flag high and went to the grocery store to get milk, bread, eggs, and marshmallows, and endured the near stampede from everyone else who had been sucked in.

Honestly, I was excited. I told some friends of ours just a few weeks ago that I would love to see just one blizzard. Last night, as we prayed with our girls before bed, we prayed for a blizzard and prayed that our electricity would stay on.....Yes. We want to have our cake and eat it, too. :-)

I wouldn't say that I was so excited I couldn't sleep, but I did wake up expecting a LOT of snow. Maybe I watch too much television, but in my mind, a blizzard is what happened on Christmas Eve on Little House on the Prairie at the Ingles' house when everyone had to spend the night there....Mary, Adam, Laura, Almonzo and the rest...because the storm was getting so bad. When they woke up the next morning and opened the door, there was a wall of snow so big, you could not see daylight. They had to open the upstairs window and use their snowshoes to walk to the upstairs opening of the barn to get their Christmas presents.

Expectations are a dangerous thing.

When I woke up, we had gotten snow....significant snow, and without the previously mentioned forecast, I would have considered it quite a storm. But a blizzard? No way! The first thing the girls said when they woke up was, "That was a blizzard??". So to answer the concerns of family members who have been texting and e-mailing to inquire about our safety....we are fine. It was enough to make the roads bad, and we did stay home today, but not a blizzard. 

I guess I am now a jaded southerner. It just takes a lot of snow to impress me. :-)

This is where the snow blew in  under the door. It was really neat before it had footprints in it. This is the same "porch-erator" where we keep our sweet tea when there is no room in the refrigerator. :-)

My kids call this house "The Monster House" because they say it looks like it has teeth.

She should have put that bike away! It is frozen into the snow...we can't get it out.

Our backyard

We did, however, enjoying having a 'snow day'. It is the first real snow day we have had since we have been in Michigan. We took the opportunity to unpack some boxes. It's kind of embarrassing how much I still have to unpack. I think at some point, I gave up. In my (perfectionist) mind, I thought, "This is a temporary home. What is the point of unpacking?" I think it also had something to do with being so homesick. God has since convicted my heart. It is going to be very important that my family feel at home here, even if we are only in this house for a few years.  I will confess that I am having a really hard time making it feel like ours, but I am praying daily that God would show me what needs to be done next. Right now, I am organizing. Next, I decorate. So far, I have not been inspired to do either, which is odd. I LOVE to decorate. That's okay. With God's help, it will all come together. My homesickness is SO much better. We are starting to make friends, and we think we have decided on a church, which totally changed my outlook on things. I guess mentally I have decided, "I can move in now. I do, after all, live here."  The mind is a crazy least mine is. :-)

I hope you are doing well and staying warm and dry, where ever it is that you live. :-)
Mr. Studly shoveling the driveway. :-)
Many blessings to you and yours. Have a great night!


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  1. WOW, Jeannie, that's a pretty handsome yard guy you had out shoveling for you!!!!
    We have NO SNOW right now, and the ski area is getting boring....icy and NEEDS new snow!!! It HAS been great to have my mom stranded here!!! However, she has this congestion in her chest that makes her sound HORRIBLE!! Praying that resolves by Friday so I can drop her off to cross country ski again while I take the kiddos skiing....but with no new snow, likely won't happen!!
    I think the symposium is in a drop down menu on the UMDF site under "The UMDF." Hope that makes it easier!!! I have one roomie for certain, and then she might have another mom who will stay with us....we can just see how it all shakes out and AT LEAST try to room near each other and have a blast getting to know everyone AND getting info from the best in the Mito field!!
    Much love and enjoy the snow!!!