Friday, February 4, 2011


It seems I may have offended some people with my post about the snow. Please hear my heart. I was not trying to make light of getting excited about snow. A year ago, I would have done back-flips over 8 to 9 inches of snow. As far as that goes, I have dreamed of snow like that my entire life...I grew up in Georgia! It is amazing, however, what a few months can change.

Sometimes my sarcasm takes over. I was NOT making light of the snow...I was making light of the ferocious blizzard that was forecasted. We keep 8-18 inches on the ground at our house ALL THE TIME now, and it has been that way for over a month. If they had predicted normal snow, it would have been no bid deal. However, they forecasted the "blizzard of the decade...the perfect storm". It would been like your husband telling you he was taking you on a romantic getaway and then pulling into the Motel 6 with a McDonald's next door. You would still enjoy that time with just wouldn't have been all that was built up in your mind. Ya know what I mean?

And so, my sweet southern friends, I have not forgotten my southern roots so quickly. I rejoiced from afar with you when you had your big snow. I am just a little 'over' the snow here. It's pretty, and all, but I am just ready for something different....either a blizzard or spring...but no more in-between!

Have warm, dry day where ever you are!

Much Love,

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