Monday, December 12, 2011

Something's Missing....

...Megan's tonsils!

After Megan's last visit to the ENT, the doctor just really felt that Megan's tonsils needed to come out. She wasn't sick a lot, but she was breathing and snoring loudly at night and waking up in the night, we suspect because her breathing was obstructed by her gargantuan tonsils.

The day of her surgery, we had to be at the hospital at 6:30....OUCH! We took her straight out of bed and put her in the car....PJ's and all. I am fully aware that 'someone' needs to cut her bangs, too. :-). I thought you might enjoy some pictures.

She got her very own 'ankle bracelet'. :-)

I love this sweet face.

Thank goodness for Leapsters. This kept her totally distracted from what was about to take place.

See how stressed she is?

When the nurse gave her a popsicle, she didn't want to eat it because she "wanted to take it home to show her sisters". Obviously, they weren't going to let her leave without eating it, not to mention, it would have been a grape puddle before we got home. So we launched a plan to take a picture of it for her sisters to see. That did the trick. :-) Sometimes you just have to think like a 4 year-old.

All done! Her throat definitely hurt, but she was a champ!!

She is doing much better now! We are taking fewer and fewer doses of the Tylenol with Codeine, and to look at her (and watch her run around like a wild Indian), you would never know what happened. Thanks for your prayers!

We are going to be our own kind of crazy this week as we pack and finish up Christmas projects. I will try to post again before Christmas, but no promises. If I don't, I hope you have the Merriest Christmas ever!! Keep it Holy by remembering Who it is we celebrate during this time of the year.

As my gift to you, here a a few pictures, just for fun!

A sweet friend from church gave the girls these square dance dresses from the 1930's. Fabulous! They have enjoyed HOURS of fun in these big, swirly dresses! (Please excuse the mess in the background....we were cleaning out and getting ready to decorate for Christmas.)

My man with his cheeks stuffed with marshmallows. :-8

The quality of these next few is not great (they were taken with Alyssa's iPod Touch), but I thought they were so stinkin' cute! (Alyssa doesn't know I am sharing these....hee hee)

On a more serious note, please be in prayer for a precious family that works here in Life Action. Their 23 year-old son died last night in a car crash. Stephani, the mom, is in Arkansas with her Dad right now (He was supposed to have surgery today). Something like this is so terrible by itself, but I cannot fathom getting this news without my husband by my side. Please pray that God would comfort this family. They also have three daughters and another son. They are truly some of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

I am off to give my girls one more squeeze....

Much Love!

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