Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunburst...and a Few Other Things

Hi Everyone!

A lot has happened since I last posted, and I wanted to try to get you up-to-date.

As you know, we were greatly anticipating the 'big race'. I was disqualified from the whole thing because of my Achilles tendon, but the rest of the family did great! On Friday night, Jeff and the girls walked the 2 mile Family Fun Run/Walk. Clara rode in her stroller, mostly, and Megan rode on Alyssa's back for much of the distance, so Alyssa got the best workout of all! They all made it back in good time and got gold medals and popsicles to boot! These pictures aren't the greatest, because I forgot my camera (Go Mom!) and had to take them with my mp3, but it's better than nothing. :-)

The little girls wore their 'gold medals' for days!

The next morning, Jeff reported nice and early for his 5K. I was very concerned about him running on his foot (and against his doctor's advice), but I must say, I have never been so proud of anyone in my whole life! He went from not being an athlete in any shape or form, to running a 5K on an injured foot and within his goal time. His goal was to run it in less than 30 minutes and he did it in 28 minutes and 10 seconds! I wish I had pictures of him crossing the finish line, but my camera doesn't work that early (or my car, either, for that matter.)

We both went to the podiatrist for another hot date this morning (woo-hoo!) and Jeff has been released. I, on the other hand, have moved from "trying to get rid of the stabbing pain in my feet so I can exercise" mode to "do everything we can to keep my Achilles tendon from ripping". Isn't that nice? After a few more weeks of trying to get it healed, we will continue trying to deal with the other. By then, Jeff will be running marathons and I will be back to trying to get fit all by myself. Oh well. I am still so proud of him!

We currently have two 4 year-old girls at our house! Megan was 4 last week and Clara will be 5 this week. We will have a party of some sort when we go to Georgia, but we did want to commemorate their special day here, as well. The Rohls, our Michigan family, came over, as well as one of Clara's little friends. It was a fun day!

 Clara and Megan with the Rohls.

 Clara could not have been happier about FINALLY getting some pink cowgirl boots!She has barely taken them off since she got them.

 Megan loving on Clara while we sang "Happy Birthday" to her. These girls adore each other!

 Megan "helping" me with her blueberry cake. :-)

 Megan wanted a blueberry cake and Clara wanted a strawberry cake with a smiley face.

 Birthday girl!

When we finished singing "Happy Birthday" to each of them, they hugged each other and Megan exclaimed, "Clara, we're both big girls now!!"

Please be in prayer for us this week as we travel back to the University of Michigan.  This week's appointment is a big appointment and one we have been waiting on for quite some time. We will be seeing the geneticist that deals with bone diseases. This is one of the last big steps towards finally getting answers about Clara. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor, a clear mind for both of us so we can ask the right questions, and that God would continue to provide everything we need as we travel in the way of safety and provision. We'll keep you up-to-date!

Have a blessed day!!

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  1. Clara, Cora has a pair of pink cowboy boots just like yours!!! She will be thrilled to know that you two have matching boots. :-)