Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Long Overdue Update, Pt.2: Emilie's Birthday

Emilie has had an especially tough year. So for her birthday, we wanted to make a special effort to give her the best day we possibly could. She wanted no adults (although you can't avoid having some adults), and she wanted a beach party. We settled for a Hawaiian Luau. (Sand is not very plentiful around here.) :-)

Grandma Jackie and Mama Bea drank "Bahama Mamas" (Their words, not mine). :-)

...and so did Aunt Peggy

A punch balloon contest ensued among the girls to see who could punch the longest. After playing Wipeout...twice...we decided they were all winners. :-)

The men talked in the kitchen. (And they say we talk lot...)

Jeff had just finished aggravating Alyssa...hence the evil eye. That is his favorite thing to do...he is such a grown up kid, sometimes!

We had food....
..and more food...

...a "Beach Bear" cake....

...and a beautiful birthday girl. Where did 9 years go?

We also had friends....

...and sand art. This was after they played in the sprinkler, as is evidenced by the wet swimsuits. :-)

For those of you who are over the age of "9" and did not get invited, please do not be offended. We still love you so very much, and I know she does, too!

Happy 9th Birthday, Emilie!

Have a blessed day!

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