Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hillbilly Garden Update

There is a lot going on at our house, and I feel a little strange....like my priorities aren't in order....by posting about our garden. I want to post about Revival Week, but I am still processing it all, so more to come on that later. I want to give you all an update on the kiddos, but we have gotten so much bad news on the medical front lately that, honestly, I am having trouble even breathing when I think about it all, so when I am able, I will write about that. So for today, something HAPPY!

I told you a few weeks ago about the "accidental garden" that grew while we were in Georgia. We have had so many laughs about this garden! Our neighbors have even started asking us about it. Thankfully, they have been asking in a happy way and not in the "you aren't from around here, are ya?" kind of way. Our immediate neighbors to the left even thought that it was so 'cool' they wish they had thought of doing that...in the FRONT YARD. That made me laugh a little, too. I never would have done that on purpose, but nonetheless, we have it, and it is bountiful! We already have one full-sized pumpkin that is ready to be "harvested" and a few more on the way!

Here it is:

 This is our big, beautiful pumpkin. What do you do with a pumpkin in the middle of August? When are we supposed to cut this thing off the vine?

Here are two more that are on their way!

They have gotten very big and bountiful!

There are lots of big, beautiful blooms.

Do you remember the picture I showed you of the garden we planted on purpose? Well, the little girls were so disappointed that everything died. They worked very hard planting those seeds. I got one of those big trays full of peat pellets, and they planted various seeds in very organized rows. They watched them grow on our porch for weeks, and really, they should have been planted before we left for Georgia, but we ran out of time. By the time we got back, they were ginormous, and really should have been put outside gradually, in order to get them used to the direct sunlight. However, since we had waited so long to plant them, we just stuck them out there, and it killed them. Megan was CONVINCED, however, that we killed them when we watered them. I guess watering plants is such a foreign concept to her, living in this house, that it seemed fatal. :-) (These girls do NOT have a Mama with a green thumb).

SO...to try to make them feel better (and to get a little laugh), one night while they were at VBS, Jeff and I went to Lowe's and bought some very grown-up plants at a huge discount. We went home and planted them, so the next day when they walked outside, here is what the little girls saw:

It's a miracle!

Megan is very proud of the jalepeno that has grown.

As it turns out, Megan is quite the little worker. She LOVES to help her Daddy rake the yard, and does it very vigorously. While raking in the yard last week, she said, "Mommy, God likes it when we work." So much wisdom from such a little child. What would the world be like if our society felt that way?

I digress.

Here is Megan, hard at work and having a blast doing it!!

Half the fun is playing in it when you're through, right?

Thankfully, the owners of the house, who lived here before us, planted lots of beautiful flowers. They are NO MAINTENANCE! I can keep them alive!

We will keep you updated!

Much Love,
The Southern Hillbillies in the North

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