Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun at Our First 4-H Fair!!

Since moving to Michigan, almost eleven months ago, we have made it our goal to learn as much as we can about the culture here (yes, it is VERY different), and not only learn about it, but immerse ourselves in it. That has turned about to be a great goal! It has brought our family closer, helped us settle in a little faster, helped us meet lots of people, and it has been just down right fun!

It became very apparent, early on in our adventure, that the event of the year around here is the 4-H fair. People live for it, prepare for it, eat, sleep and breathe it. As a result, we have looked forward to it for almost a year! For those of you who know my girls, they are nature and animal loving girls, and if they had their way, we would have taken goats, pigs, and llamas to the fair. (Can you guess which one wanted to take the llama?). However, seeing that: 1) 'City Mama' knows nothing about animals. 2) We live right, smack-dab in the middle of town. and 3) We had no clue what we were doing (Filling out the forms was its own kind of challenge), we decided to bake and take pictures. Actually, the pictures were a bit accidental and allowed me to know something about Emilie....we may have found her niche! To make it even better, the girls got free passes for the week for entering and the little ones were already free, so they got to go multiple times!

Here is a snapshot of our fun time!

Megan thought that roller coaster was A-OK!

This is Clara with one of our new friends, Bethany. What a sweetie she is!

Emilie with two of her friends from church, Bethany and Maragaret.  I had a ball hanging out with these girls!

Fun on the carousel.


Alyssa and her friend, Deanna...another very sweet girl.

This is Alyssa with her blue ribbon chocolate bundt cake!

We were a little nervous about the cake. Clara dumped it upside-down on the way to drop it off. Oops.

These were some cakes we were very impressed with. Can you believe kids made these?? These are the Silver Beach Lighthouses made out of gingerbread.

Emilie with her blue ribbon AND honorable mention winning photograph! We are so proud of her, and better yet, SHE is so proud of herself! Of all the sweet girls I know, this one definitely needed that little boost.

Here it is up-close.

Megan and Clara with a fairly new calf.

They both got to bottle-feed the calf. Clara, the little Mama, loved it.

However, with all the bucking and head-butting...

Megan didn't last long. :-)

We were very curious about what this man was doing. We have not been close to many tractors, and we had certainly never seen anything like this. As it turns out, that man was filling the big white thing with water to water the horse ring. That is how they keep the ring from being so dusty. That was one of the many things we learned that week. :-)

This picture was just too cute not to share. :-)

All four girls sharing their first fair and first elephant ear. We decided we like funnel cakes better, but figuring that out sure was fun!

They definitely loved the cotton candy that was bigger than their head!

 Every once in a while, I catch them acting like they like each other. Maybe there is hope, yet. :-)


Have a Blessed Day!

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