Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Fun!

In the midst of feeling buried in the beautiful leaves that have fallen in Michigan, we have also had our share of fun...

...making, and eating, caramel apples.

We went to the pumpkin patch and corn maze with some sweet friends.

Going into the corn maze.

Petting the goats.

Feeding the goats.

Picking a pumpkin....root, stem, and all!

♪♪♫♪Bumping up and down in a little red wagon..♪♫♫♪
shaking our "Indian Maracas"

We took a picnic lunch to a (very cool) nearby park with those same sweet friends.

The playground.
Neat, huh?

We carved pumpkins and toasted pumpkin seeds....

...except for Clara, who wanted NO PART of touching that "yucky stuff".

There has been wrestling...yes, my four "Dainty Flowers" LOVE to wrestle with their Daddy. (Alyssa more so than the others, but they all love it!)

And....last, but not least, the night I received the honor of "Mother of the Year"... the Fall Festival. How, you ask, did I receive such an honor? Well, it was a southern moment, to be sure. In the three weeks since we have been here, I have scrambled around like crazy to make sure we have all of our winter attire. First, I had to learn what such attire LOOKS like, and then, I had to find it. As my southern friends (especially ones who are hot-natured like me) know, we just don't need a lot of that down South. However, I have learned a very valuable lesson about such attire, besides how to identify it all. The secret to staying warm, apparently, is TO TAKE THE SAID ATTIRE OUT OF THE PRETTY RUBBERMAID CONTAINER IT IS BEING STORED IN! Yes, all of our warm clothes, coats, scarves, gloves, mittens, etc., etc., were stored, nice and neatly in the container at home, while we froze half to death at the Fall Festival. My children actually asked to leave the sugar-coated heaven that is said festival because they were "too cold". Ooops. Who knew it would be cold in October?? Anyway, we managed to have a little fun before we turned into southern-sicles. :-)

Megan wanted me to watch her "fly" to the big slide.

Name that "Rocker". I'll give you a hint...he sings with the "Twisted Brother" band. :-)

No Fall Festival is complete without a hayride!!

I would have taken more pictures, but my fingers were too cold. :-)

Have a great day! If you are in the South, enjoy the rest of your Fall, and if you are here in the North, please remove your warm attire from the containers it is being stored in, and get ready for the snow that is being forecasted for Thursday or Friday. Oh.... you already had it out? Oh, well. Next year, I will know. :-)



  1. We miss you in Georgia, but so glad you all seem to be adjusting well and having fun. Look forward to seeing you when you visit in December!


  2. I have to say gourds are one of my favorites of fall....not super-edible, but unpredictably weird and odd and just neat!!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! No, we do not get much snow at all here. We are in desert, so no rain=no snow. That said, I have been told we CAN get snow and it CAN stick, but not typically. So it sounds like we get several snows in winter but the snow only sticks for a day, melted by evening.The previous owners did leave a bag of salt to melt off ice around the patio and sidewalk...hhhmmm. The bus driver told me it might snow tonight and tomorrow morning, so that would be cool. 40%, I think. Like Clara, Garrett hasn't experienced real cold yet, so time will tell on that one. So far with temps in 40s and 50s he has been just fine, but he is learning mittens and a hood are not all bad, finally!! But I praise God for each wonderful bit of energy he shows us!!! From our house we can see lots of mountains, and some already are white on top - the ones way off in the distance. A few peaks we can see should be white all winter once the snow really starts cranking out!! We are going to Boise (50 min. drive) to the the "big city" as we call it, to pick up Oscar (Daddy-O or Grouchy or my husband!!) at the airport from these past 13 days of his job in Alaska. On the way we are checking out a Play It Again Sports store, a used sporting goods store to get Addie some skis and boots and poles. We have learned that if they ski 5 times and rent the equipment, they spend as much as purchasing used equipment. SO that's our fun for the day. Hmmmm, ski shopping with Garrett in tow in a store of balls, skis, sleds....should be interesting!! Then there's Ainslee who is so mad about skiing. She couldn't get the hang of it the first time and preferred to lie face down in the snow and punch it when she fell!! It takes all types, right???
    Love to you and yours!!!