Saturday, November 13, 2010


We have had many challenges with our children over the years, but sleep has never been one of them ...until we moved. Megan, our three year-old, has never been our most flexible child, to say the least, and I think having her little world rocked 800 miles away from her bed and her home has been a little too much to handle at night. Every night....EVERY night since we moved, she has crawled, or at least tried to crawl, into bed with us. I will admit that the first few nights were really sweet to me. I have never slept with my children and the snuggle time was nice at first. However, after night, had become a little too much. She sleeps a little bit like an orangutan....all over the bed, and coupled with the fact I have not slept well since we've been here, it was wearing on me. However, this morning, for the first time since we moved, Megan woke up in HER BED!!! Woo-HOOOOOO!!! And she slept until a more normal time for her. At about 8:30, I heard a sweet little, "Up please, mommeeeeeeee..." Ahhh...


Is it because she is finally adjusted?

Is it because her sister's floor was too messy for her to lay in when she couldn't get into our room?

Is it because we wore her out at the swimming pool last night?

I don't know, but right now, it doesn't matter to me. I am just happy. :-)

On the other hand, it is hard to get too upset with this little stinker. :-)

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Oh wow, that is HUGE!!!!!!! I cannot do without a good, uninterrupted 5-6 hrs of sleep, and the worst is a constant interruption of sleep like when you have a monkey in the bed!! Yay for you guys!!
    Love and prayers,