Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Details

Whew! Things are really starting to be a whirlwind around here as we prepare for our move. We have a different "move date" than the last time I posted. We are now pulling out of Georgia on October 4th. I will not bore you with all the reasons why. :-)

Please pray for us as we prepare. I spent a lot of time last week trying to get everything coordinated for Clara, and what I am realizing is that there are some things that will have to wait until we get up there. I am a little frustrated about her hippotherapy. I must have been looking at the wrong thing when I thought I found a place for her to have that therapy up there. I have found two therapy ranches, but they only offer therapeutic riding. What is the difference, you might ask? In hippotherapy, there is typically no saddle, stirrups, or reins, and most importantly, a certified pysical therapist is required. Because a certified PT is always present, it is also covered by insurance. The horse is just a tool for therapy, as would be a ball or or other piece of equipment. Therapeutic riding is really horseback riding lessons for the intent of therapy and does not require a PT. Therefore it is not covered by insurance. What Clara has had this past year is a happy mix of both. She started out having pure hippo therapy until Ms. Peggy saw that she had natural talent, as did the therapeutic riding instructor that was usually there at the same time, and they decided to work together to give Clara the best of both worlds. Ms. Peggy was there for the actual therapy part, and Ms. Laura (God bless her) donated her time to be there for Clara to teach her how to ride in a saddle and use the reins. With this arrangement, Clara got the best of both worlds, AND it was covered by insurance. We have been blown away with the results of this therapy, as she has made some major milestones and absolutely loves it, but we are now praying for a way to continue it financially. The ranch is less than ten minutes from the new house.

Please pray, also, as we get rid of a lot, I mean, A LOT of junk, er,..um,...I mean, stuff. We already have too much and our next home is much smaller than the one we are in now. I am trying to wrap my brain around cleaning out, packing, planning, taking care of my family, and schooling my children, and quite honestly, I am a bit overwhelmed. In the midst of this, we are trying to fit in all of our doctor appointments before we leave, including two very big ones for Clara. Not to mention, we want to see everyone before we leave!!

We did have another big milestone here yesterday. Emilie got glasses! I wish I had pictures to show you, but my camera is still on its way back from Michigan (I am so frustrated with myself for leaving it). I will post some soon, as she is very cute and her glasses are exactly what you would expect from her....flashy! They are black with rhinestone flowers. :-) I also wish I had a video of the little girls while she tried them on. The lady at Lenscrafters gave the little ones the box of glasses that had been donated to play with. They sat in front of the mirror and giggled hysterically at all of their new "looks", and before it was over, everyone in the place was laughing. Their little giggles are very contagious.

Well, I must go...lots to do! Thanks for your prayers and I hope you all have a blessed day!!


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