Monday, August 23, 2010

Big News and an Update

We are back from our week in Michigan! Actually, we have been back for a week now. I am just very behind in posting this. Actually, I am behind in everything. There are so many of you who let us know you were praying for Clara, and I wanted to make sure I gave you that update. The good news is...She did GREAT! I don't know when she has ever traveled so well. We did do a few things a little differently. For example, one of the doctors at the last conference I went told me to never underestimate the amount of energy it takes to be excited. So, we tried very hard not to let our excitement build (in front of her) the week before we left. I did not even let her see me packing. We just acted like it was a normal week. We also made sure to feed her a complex carb/protein snack every three hours, so I am sure that helped with blood sugar levels. However, I am CONVINCED that it was the power of God alone, that really made the difference. If those other things helped, it was because He provided that wisdom. She did get tired, but she never threw up or crashed at all. We had to "pull back" a time or two to slow things with our schedule down a bit, but all in all, we couldn't have asked for more!

Now for other big news:

I don't think I have ever shared on this blog how we ended up with Life Action Ministries. Here is the Cliff's Notes version (as opposed to the "Jeannie's Notes" version that tends to make a short story veeeerrrry long..):

October 2004: The Life Action Red Team came to BeechHaven Baptist Church to do a two week summit (or "crusade" as they were called then.). We had never heard of Life Action Ministries, but being the good church members we were, we agreed to house two team members for the three weeks they were in town, and committed to going to every service. During that crusade, God did some MAJOR things in our lives. He dealt with us on some heart issues we did not even know we had: bitterness, unforgiveness, pride... (okay...we knew we had them, we just didn't realize to what extent, nor did we understand what a big deal that was and how those things get in the way of our relationship with Christ). God did a major work in our marriage and family, and He drew us so much closer to Him. So close, in fact, that we realized we NEVER wanted to "play church" again, but instead, wanted a living, breathing, second-by-second relationship with our God and Savior. It was also during this time that God called our hearts to the ministry.

October 2004-June 2005: We pretended our calling was just an imagined event, because doggone it, it's COLD in Michigan!

June 2005: We went to Life Action Family Camp in Michigan for the most amazing week our family has ever known. It was there that God reaffirmed our calling and we committed to coming home and (finally) filling out the ten page-long application...with essay questions (What??? I thought I was through with those when I graduated!) It was also during that week that God made it very clear that He was not through with our family in the way of children. When we came home, I had my IUD removed in July and by October, we were pregnant with Clara.

Just as a side note: This is where the title of our blog, and really, the theme of our ministry, comes from. The last message we heard that week was the one God used to make these things clear to us. It was entitled "Stepping Out of the Boat". It's a great story, but I will have to expound later. This is Cliff's Notes!

October 31, 2005: Started bleeding severely and was told by an "on call" physician that there was no baby, and I should have a D&C immediately. By God's grace, I asked if I could wait until I saw my doctor. So glad I did. We would not have Clara today. Again, another great story, but trying to keep this ship sailing....

June 2006: Clara was born and appeared healthy, for the most part.

August 2006: Pregnant with Megan. That's can laugh. Jeff did. I hyperventilated. :-)

September 2006: FINALLY got our application filled out and mailed. It seemed that everytime we picked it up to fill it out, life would fall apart. Not surprising, but still challenging.

October 2006: Interview in Michigan with Life Action Ministries and an official call.

March 2006: Started raising support.

August 2007: Our first Staff Revival Week (WOW!)

August 2008: Another Staff Revival Week (Surely, we'll be living here by this time next year!) Came home and decided to put the house on the market.

August 2009: Another Staff Revival Week. ( was GREAT spiritually, but are we EVER gonna live here???)

August 2010: Another INCREDIBLE Staff Revival Week. We lived in the cabin....again.....

...but not next year.


We have decided to rent or sell our home. It has been listed for a little less than a week as a lease option, but either way, we are moving during the first week of October. We have a found a rental home in Michigan and will be leaving Georgia on October 10th.

More details later, but please be in prayer for all of our details. We still have two big doctor appointments with Clara in September and we have A LOT of stuff to get rid of. (Did I mention the rental has half...yes, HALF...the space we have now?) While the reality of having to leave friends and family we love so dearly has hit, we can see God's hand moving in every aspect of this move so far, and we are very excited. Please pray, also, that our home would rent or sell QUICKLY!

As always, thank you for your prayers! Please let me know how I can pray for you!

Just thought I'd let you know what's going on with the Bryants. :-D

Much Love,



  1. This is such great news....and yes I did chuckle with your story (especially pregnant 2 months after clara it!!!!) Go take the world by storm.....rock that boat....sail away....

    I am glad clara had a wonderful journey to Michigan. It isn't that cold....c'mon!!

    And I know your house will work out like it is meant to be.

  2. Wonderful news!! (Except for the fact that you'll be missed greatly.)