Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heeeyyy...Macaroni, and a Few Other Things

I'm sorry. I think in songs...I just can't help it. So when you read the title, think "Macarena". Okay, glad I got that out of the way.

July 7th was National Macaroni Day. Did you know that? It's okay if you didn't. I happened to run across a headline somewhere that mentioned it. Otherwise, it would not have been celebrated here, either. However, when I realized what day it was, I immediately remembered a huge bag of pasta that I colored for another project last summer, and still had not used. It did not occur to me at the time that "just any old pasta" is not macaroni. For all intents and purposes, though, we are calling it macaroni, and I would appreciate it if you didn't tell the little girls any differently. :-) They had a ball. I wrote a big "M" and a little "m" on a piece of construction paper, drew it with glue, and let them glue their "macaroni" on, and then they decorated it with glitter glue. Actually, the funniest part was that the big girls were very quick to jump right in, too. It never occurred to me to make them a piece of paper with a big"M"and a little "m" on it, but as soon as they walked into the kitchen, they said "Where's mine?" And who says we don't do school in the summer?

Clara and Megan put the final touches on their Macaroni Masterpiece.

If you ask Alyssa, she will tell you she just wanted to "help", but I can assure you, she wanted in on all the fun!

I did not take pictures of our final masterpieces, but you get the drift. We also ate (not-from-scratch) macaroni and cheese for lunch, but I don't have pictures of that either.

The little girls have also worked on a few other projects. They made sun-catchers out of coffee filters, an idea we found here,

After they scribbled on the coffee filter, they painted them with water to make the colors blend. I then folded them three times and cut points around the edge, so that when we opened it, it would look like the sun. They are hanging on our back door looking very pretty right now, but SURPRISE! I don't have pictures of that either.

You can imagine how the big girls wanted in on this activity. I think they made more than the babies. I didn't capture that on film, though. Shucks! That could have been good "rehearsal dinner" material!

We made handprint dinosaurs we found here, but, again, I forgot to take pictures of the final products. Sorry. :-)

Here Megan is sponging her dinosaur.

Clara enjoyed matching her hands to her handprints after I drew them.
These dinosaurs turned out SO cute, but as you have probably guessed by now, I do not have pictures of the final product. Are you getting a theme here? I will try to get better at remembering to take those final pictures. At this point, I am just so happy we finished a project!

Megan is placing the correct number of clothespins on the dinosaurs we got here, one of my favorite blogs! What can I say? She likes to learn in style!

**I would like to add here, that we do NOT live in our PJ's all the time, although this summer, we have stayed in them more than usual. As far as I am concerned, I would much rather them do crafts in their PJ's than risk staining good clothes. I don't cry nearly as much over the PJ's. :-)

Beyond that, our summer has been fairly uneventful. We have done the normal "build forts out of boxes" thing, and played dress-up 1,542,754 times. It has been way too hot to get outside very much, but we have been out some in the mornings and evenings.We do have a trip to Michigan planned in two weeks for Staff Revival Week, so we are all looking forward to that.

I would like to give you a quick update on Clara. After two very scary days with her, she is doing much better. We really thought we were going to end up in the hospital, and I still wonder if we should have taken her. By Tuesday, she was much better, but I don't think she was totally herself until today. She went back to stuttering for a few days after her big crash, and she came close to crashing two or three more times last week. She has never had this many in a row, so please pray that she will stabilize completely and not have to deal with this anymore...or at least for a while. We are really praying about our trip to Michigan. For some reason, she does the worst on those trips...her first crash ever was on one of those trips (although we did not know what it was at the time). We are hoping to know more about how to help her for this trip. I am going to a conference this weekend with Mito-Mom that will talk a lot about this very topic, so I am excited to see what I will learn!

If you made it this far into this crazy post, thanks for reading!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!


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