Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tip-toe throught the tulips...or whatever....

Spring has sprung, and actually, I am pretty sure it 'sprung' right past, since it is as hot as summer. Regardless, it is time to plant! I am almost laughing out loud as I type that because I am not very good with plants. Actually, that is a gross understatement. Not only is my thumb not green, it is a blackish-brown know.....the color of a flower that has not been lovingly watered for two...three...four...days and is about to shrivel up and just fall off the stem?

However, God has blessed me with four, precious, outdoor girls who think it is the best thing in the world to go to Home Depot and pick out plants. This weekend was that yearly trip. Almost every annual there was $.50, which made me feel a little bit better, since the plants will likely just be good compost for the next owners of this home. As a matter of fact, Jeff told me this year that we should just sprinkle $100 all over our garden plot, since the results would be the same and it would be a lot less work. :-) Yes, it's true. This southern girl cannot even get a TOMATO to grow!

Either way, we have a great time together planting and getting very dirty!

The Babies plant their first seeds ever. I think Megan would have been just as happy playing in the dirt with no purpose at all. :-)

They enjoyed watching the peat pot "grow".

Alyssa and Megan plant her petunias and snapdragons.

Emilie had her own idea of outside fun.

Emilie and Megan ended up just giving the tricycle a bath. I'm sure it needed it. :-)

As you can see, the girls picked out almost everything. We have...



Alyssa was pretty psyched to find out about "Alyssum'. She got one of every color.




and yellow. (Mommy picked that out for some variety). :-)

We also proved that we "don't get out much". We found a killer of a deal on what we thought was a really nice sprinkler at Home Depot. So, as if it wasn't sad enough that we got so excited over a new sprinkler, we all stood around as Daddy attached it to the hose and turned on the water. The anticipation was high and there were 6 sets of eyes on the new sprinkler. However, instead of the water spectacular that should have rivaled a Las Vegas fountain, we got....less than the bathroom faucet. For a minute we just all stood there holding our breath, thinking for sure it would work anytime. And then the questions started. "Daddy, is that what it's supposed to do?" "How is it going to reach all of the new grass seed?" "When is it going to start working?""Daddy, why is it doing that?" get the idea. Finally, Daddy made us all..and I do mean 'all' of us, his very disappointed girls, go inside. I guess the pressure was too much. :-) However, given a few quiet moments alone, our knight in shining armor saved the day! The sprinkler was shooting sky-high (almost) and all the new grass got watered! I don't have pictures of was already dark. Sorry. :-)

So, a very productive and interesting weekend was had by all at the Bryant house. Hope yours was great, too!



  1. Loving the Pink! Sounds like a great weekend and we too have been in the planting mode! And the only reason I can tell you that it is still spring is the fact that everyone in my family is sneezing their heads off and wiping their noses on my shirt! Love you!

  2. Hey,
    I clicked over to your blog from the comment at the habits blog.
    We know lots of people at Life Action. We love their ministry. Many blessing as you join them!
    kim from habits. :)

    Sorry if this comment may show up twice as it disappears the first time I tried. :)