Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Long-Overdue Update

I can't believe I have not posted anything since December! Time really flies! Well, there is no way I will be able to comment on every single thing that has happened since then, so I will hit the highlights. :-)

In some ways it seems that everything is settling down for us here in the Bryant house. Christmas is over....and was great. Even in spite of the grief we were feeling over Clara's diagnosis. For one day we were able to put all of that aside and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In the time since Christmas, we are crying less over her situation and spending more energy educating ourselves and looking at ways to care for her best. We were finally able to get her prescriptions and I can say after a solid month+ of taking everything, she is doing great. When we first started her CoQ10, all of her new-found energy was discovered first in her mouth....that kid talked non-stop for DAYS. We feel pretty certain it has now spread over the rest of her body, and we are seeing great improvement in her energy and pain levels. Thank you, Lord!! Additionally, she started hippotherapy and we could not be more excited! She LOVES it, and as it turns out, she is quite a natural at the whole "horse" thing. If you have ever seen me or Jeff on a horse, you know it is not genetic. :-) Her therapist is hoping to switch her over to therapeutic riding as soon as she turns four (the minimum age). The only difference would be that she would be holding the reins and have her feet in the stirrups, actually learning how to handle the horse in addition to her therapy. As soon as I can remember how to post pictures here, I will post some of her therapy. Seeing her trotting along absolutely takes my breath of the most beautiful sights these eyes have ever seen!

Alyssa continues to blow us away with the young lady she is maturing into. She has a lot of those "quirky" preteen things going on right now, but she also has moments of acting like such a young lady, we forget this our little girl sometimes. We love the young woman she is developing into. Emilie is doing great, as well. She actually fell off a horse last week and broke her arm, but she is healing well and not complaining at all! Both girls have been a part of Upward cheerleading, with me as their coach, and are having a great time. We have made so many new friends this year...there are 10 great girls on our squad...and two little mascots. Guess who?? :-) Again, I will post pics as soon as I remember how. Megan continues to be our little ray of news there. She's our little Steady-Eddy. :-)

Jeff is doing well, but stays very tired. He is facilitating a Chip Ingram class on Wednesday nights at church called "Effective Parenting in a Defective World". That has been such a blessing to us. I have been unable to attend,a s I am leading Children's Choir at that time, but we have enjoyed watching at home together and discussing the things we are learning together. I have been taking the Beth More study about Esther on Sunday nights and cannot remember the last time I got so much out of a Bible study. It has all been very timely for me. The verse that the Lord keeps reminding me of, even before I started this study, was the one that says "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings like eagles. They will walk and not grow weary; they will run but not faint." In our lesson last week, Beth stressed the importance of waiting on the LORD and not an EVENT. Timely, don't you think?

As far as our move with Life Action is concerned, there is no news right now. We feel God moving, but we are not sure exactly what direction He is leading at this very moment. We are so VERY sure of our calling, and the only thing holding us up right now is the sale of our house. We are praying diligently about the possibility of dropping our see if we can't get it sold before this tax credit runs out. In our county right now, there is a 40% foreclosure rate...we have three right here in our neighborhood. As it is right now, it looks as if it will be YEARS before we can ever hope to sell our house at a profit, and so we are considering just going as low as we can go. There is so much more to it....a lot of back and forth...and we are far from a decision. Will you pray with us that we would have wisdom and be right smack in the middle of God's will? We are hoping to decide something in the next few days. We want to be good stewards of what God has given us, but we are also willing to give it all up to serve Him if that's what He wants from us. We just need to know what He wants. We know He will show in His time. Thank you for your prayers!

I will try to post regularly from now on. There are daily things that happen around here that are too funny and would be much funnier if I shared them with my friends. :-) As you can imagine in a house with four little girls, there is rarely a dull moment! For now, I need to go to bed and rested up. I need to get ready for the excitement of tomorrow!


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  1. Love you, Jeannie. It's good to hear that you are working it all our daily. Not matter what happens to you or your girls, I'm convinced, you and your family just get more beautiful through it all!