Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Small Bit of Encouragement

I have to say that I absolutely adore out pediatrician. I have always felt that she, and her partner, really care about our family and they are always so willing to talk to us about anything! They have a very special way of putting my fears to rest, not to mention, I am eternally grateful for the doctors to whom she has pointed the way. They both know our family without looking at our charts, and that's nice.

Well, today I had to take Megan in for a wicked cough that, thankfully for the moment, is just a cold. I was a little bummed because Dr. Aldridge, our regular pediatrician, has the day off today, so we had to see the "new" doctor who is working part-time there now. She was wonderful and thorough, but without the personal touch, of course. She just met us. After we were through, though, Dr. Garrard, the other pediatrician popped in "just to see how things were going". I gave him an update on all the tests and shared with him my fears in light of Clara's abnormal reflexes at her neurologist visit back in August. He said that, typically, if reflexes are a sign of degeneration, they are "hypo" instead of "hyper". Hers were very "hyper". Coupled with the fact that she is making great progress in physical therapy, he said those were very good indicators that her disease is not progressive. For now that makes me feel much better. Just thought I would share. :-)


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