Friday, July 10, 2009

Watercolor fun!!

Well, it all started out very innocently. The babies wanted to paint, and their big sisters, being the wonderful big sisters they are, obliged. They were so excited when they first started. Megan, who was experiencing this for the first time, kept saying, "I fainting, I fainting!!". They did really well, but I guess I let it go too long. Before we knew it, the babies were painting on their hands, and in Megan's case, her face. Emilie was doing who-knows-what, but managed to make a huge mess. And Alyssa, as usual, found science in the whole thing. She discovered that if you barely dip your paint-coated brush into the water , many different designs will appear. She also experimented with different color combos and different ways to dip the brush. I know....typical homeschooler. So anyway, since there are four and not two, I am able to laugh and thought you may be able to, as well! Enjoy!

Emilie doing whatever it is Emilie does...but it's always fun!

Alyssa trying out different color combos in her rinse water.

Megan, having way too much fun painting her hands ....

...and face. At least they are non-toxic. :-)

Clara was so proud of her pretty colors!

Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. Precious and quite familiar! Eli gets quite carried away as well!