Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crazy Chicken

Hey Everyone,

I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get ready for Clara's appointment and an overnight babysitter. I really have no business being on the computer, but wanted to keep you all up-to-date.

God has been so faithful to provide this week. We were so happy to get an appointment so quickly, but that also left a lot of other details to get together very quickly. All of her x-rays were 800 miles away-literally-and my brother, Drew, very sweetly spent his day off running around Atlanta fighting traffic and long lines at the post office to get them picked up at two different doctor's offices and sent to us in time for our appointment. They should arrive by 3:00 today. Thank you Drew!! Got sent an unexpected blessing to cover all of our travel expenses, and we were able to find a sweet, southern girl (her family is also part of Life Action) to stay overnight with our other three girls. Whew! I think that's it. Well...except for the directions I haven't printed off yet, the sheets that aren't finished washing, the few groceries I forgot at the store, Emilie's appointment this afternoon, and the toilets that need scrubbing. But other than that, I am all done! :-)

While I am so thankful that God has helped all the details fall into place, weeks like this frustrate me. Not because of the busyness....I actually kind of like that feeling of "purpose" when I am scheduling and getting things together. The part that I don't like is the way a week like this makes me focus on what is wrong with Clara....not so many wonderful things that are right. We try very hard not to dwell on her medical issues. Obviously, when she is sick we have to deal with it, but most days we like to pretend there is nothing wrong. Even her cute little walk and big ole head that lets other people know something is wrong has become very much a part of her...a very normal part of her. We never want our lives to be defined by mitochondrial disease. Obviously, I guess it is just that way, sometimes. I'll face facts when I need to, and the rest of the time...denial is a beautiful thing. :-)

It did occur to me this morning how thankful I am that God can also see all of my many faults, but chooses to shed his magnificent, everlasting, and abounding grace on me (and everyone else), choosing to focus on always making me more like Him. Never throwing my faults and handicaps back in my face once they are forgiven. I cannot tell you the overwhelming sense of gratitude I experienced as I thought about that. God has taught me so much through our precious girl. And all of this, Lord, I will thank you!

Please pray for a very safe and productive trip. We are really hoping to get some answers tomorrow, praying that God will finally put all these puzzle pieces in place.

Have a blessed day!

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