Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi Everyone!!

We are here, safely in Michigan. I am still without internet, but thanks to my brother's laptop and his handy little gadget that operates the internet with the satellite, I am able to get online. The signal here is terrible, but while I have a window, I thought I would jump through it. :-)

Moving week from our house was absolutely nuts, but we are so thankful for friends who came by to help pack. I don't know how we would have done it otherwise. You don't realize how much stuff you have until you start packing it...and we had even gotten rid of a ton! We still managed to need two trucks to get here, though.

One of our biggest prayers before we moved was that our van would make the trip, and ideally that it would last until Christmas. We didn't know what we were going to do after that, but we figured that would give us some time to figure it out. Did you know we have a GREAT BIG GOD?? We definitely do, and some of His most precious children worship at BeechHaven Baptist Church. When they became aware of our need, they came together and bought us a van. WOW! To say we were surprised is an understatement!! As soon as I am on my computer (Thursday!!), I will post pictures. They didn't just get any ole van, either. It is beautiful! We are the most blessed people on this planet, and we miss our BeechHaven family terribly.

Our trip was eventful, to be sure. We had prayed so hard for our van, but forgot to pray for the car. We were already so exhausted, and had planned on having three drivers and two cars since my brother, Thomas traveled with us. However, since we apparently did not get rid of enough of our junk, we had to bring a U-Haul, too, so there were no driving breaks. When we reached northern Kentucky at about 9:30 p.m., the alternator in Jeff's car went out. Unexpected truck+unexpected failed alternator+unexpected hotel=a much more expensive and time consuming trip than we had planned for. God has been faithful to take care of us, though! More on that later.

We arrived at our new (rental) home on Wednesday and got to see it for the first time. I was a little shocked at first, for various reasons, but it is growing on me. The families from the ministry have brought meals, and two of my Michigan friends stayed Friday (official move-in day) to help me settle in. We are still covered in boxes, but settling in a little at a time.

My phone has been acting up, and for about two days I couldn't even find my charger, but I have been able to check e-mail on my phone, although it is very difficult to reply. On Thursday we will have our land line and internet hooked up...I'll keep you posted!

We only have a few more days to spend with Thomas, so we are going to try to have some fun for the next few days. The boxes will still be here, right? :-) I am so thankful he has been here. He has been a huge help, to say the least, not to mention, I just love having him around. :-) It will be very hard to say "good-bye" on Thursday....oh brother. More tears. :-) I am definitely more homesick than I ever imagined, but it is getting better slowly.

That's all for now. sorry for all the typos...this keyboard is missing the "t" and "shift" key, so typing has been a little challenging....but don't get me wrong. I am sooooo thankful it is here for me to use!!! Friday should bring a better post, complete with pictures!

Love to All!!


  1. I know none of my summer efforts to see you got very far, but I do miss you so. What precious gifts are your Beech Haven family! Awesome, wonderful story. Give your littles hugs from me!

  2. Jeannie,
    So glad you made it to your new home safely. I thought of one of my favorite quotes as I read about your tears and having to leave your chuch family:
    "Friends are the family God gives you along the way."
    I will be praying God reveals these new angels of His to you and that technology soon arriving on site will give you the connection you need to continue to nurture your relationships from your last home.
    Girl, I can so identify with the deep-rooted place where those homesickness tears originate. I thought our move would have to feel wonderful, and while my kiddos are thriving in the climate, my parents have a guest house to park it in (THIS IS HUGE as my dad can't stay in Louisiana for more than a few days because of his asthma flaring so badly there), and my knowing God led us here, a wonderful new church home and just the absolute BEAUTY of looking out any window of God's creation here, I still get waves of homesickness. I will continue praying for you and your flock!!! Hang in there. Stay busy, and enjoy time with your brother!!!
    Much love,