Monday, September 14, 2009

Real Little Ladies

The last few weeks at the Bryant house have been busy ones! We are now in our fourth week of school, and for the last two weeks, the babies have been potty training. I must admit, this has never been my favorite parenting task, but nonetheless, it must be done! We waited a little longer to start with Clara. She didn't start walking until right before her second birthday, and I didn't see much point in trying to train her when she had trouble getting to the potty. Now that she is three and Megan is two, I decided to train them both together. It has been an adventure, to be sure. Clara is officially potty trained and Megan, well, she is going to take a little more time. She will go if I remind her, but she does not tell me she has to go. She gives many signs, and if I catch on to them we can usually make it in time. But we will not be going in public in panties with her anytime soon. :-) The funniest part of the whole experience has been observing what little ladies they are, even at this young age. They NEVER go alone! If one goes, the other one ALWAYS has to go, even if just to read a book on the potty, cheer the other on, or helpfully hand the other one toilet paper. :-) When we first started, we had a little potty throne that plays music when you "go" and a then we put a little seat on the big potty. As it turns out, they both fought over the big potty with the little "Elmo seat" on it. Last week, we bit the bullet and bought another "Elmo seat" to go on the toilet in our room. So now, there is no more fighting over the big potty, but now they are always disappointed that they can't go in the same room together. Hmmmm...they just can't be pleased. Like I said.....real little ladies!

Have a wonderful day!!

Many Blessings!

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  1. I love it! Best friends for life! When I was pregnant with McCance (and we knew it was a boy) we prayed that they would be each other's best friend. And they are. It's so fabulous!